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Urban Digs Pulled Pork Tacos

Posted by Ryan Shannon on

I cook all the time, and I usually post what I've been cooking for dinner on Facebook or other social media channels for several reasons. First, to show what great ingredients I get to work with working at the farm. Second, because I'm generally pretty proud of what I've done. And Third, and probably most importantly, to inspire my friends and family to "Occupy their Kitchen" and cook for themselves. Cooking is a simple enough task; I've always said that if you can read you can cook, and I stand by that statement. Whether it's a dinner that takes 15 minutes or several hours to prepare, you'll eat much better if you take the time to make your own meals. Because I know time is usually at a premium for most people, this week's recipe is one of my favourites to whip up in a hurry. So grab your favourite tortillas and pick the rest up at the farm stand this weekend for all you need to prepare this quick and easy meal.



  1. Thaw pulled pork. Once thawed, put pulled pork in a covered frying pan over medium heat. Heat pork through, stirring occasionally. 
  2. Warm tortillas. 
  3. Fill tortillas with pulled pork, radish relish, cabbage and pea shoots and add hot sauce to taste. 
  4. That's it. 

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