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Recipes & Cooking Tips — beer

Pastured Pork & Black Lager Stew

Posted by Sam Holland on

The ultimate in comfort food! We've started cutting stewing pork so come on down to the shop, buy a Pork Beasty Box or come see us at the farmers market to pick some up & make this mouth-watering & oh so satisfying dish: Ingredients 2 sticks of celery 2 medium onions 2 carrots olive oil 3 fresh or dried bay leaves 500 g quality diced stewing pork 500 ml dark lager, ale or stout (We recommend Persephone Brewing's Black Lager) 1 heaped tablespoon plain flour 1x 400 g plum tomatoes Directions: If using the oven to cook the stew, preheat...

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Cooking with BC Beer and BC Meat - Double Maple Stout Braised Pork Sausages

Posted by Terry Hickey on

Beer is excellent for braising meats, acting as both a liquid for the braising and as a flavour ingredient in the finished dish. In this recipe, I’ve combined the maple flavours of Cannery Brewing’s Maple Stout beer with Urban Digs Farms Maple Breakfast Heritage Pork Sausages for a perfect sweet and savoury duo. This is a simple, yet effective way to cook sausages and almost any type of beer will work well to add new or complementary flavours to your sausages. Recipe (Total time 30 min. 5 min prep, 25 minutes cooking time): 1 Package of Urban Digs Maple Breakfast...

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