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Cooking with Beer and Meat – Chocolate Porter Bison Meatloaf Smothered in Back Bacon

Posted by Terry Hickey on

British Columbia has a booming craft beer industry which boasts well over 100 craft breweries operating in our province (119 as of this moment with more to come). There’s all kinds of locally crafted beer out there and many places to enjoy it, however you rarely hear much about how to cook with it. In this segment, and more posts to come, I want to explore ideas and recipes combining locally made beer with meat supplied by Urban Digs Farm. Below, I’ll be showcasing a dish I recently made with the ground bison they sell and their own heritage back...

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Straight from the Butcher: How to Cook a Pork Sirloin Roast

Posted by Jess Landing on

It's officially fall, the rain has come to stay, and chances are, you've finally put the grill away for the season. 'Tis the season for roasts, now officially being cut, here at the Beasty Shop! While most of you are familiar with shoulder roasts, the ones you can throw in a slow cooker and nearly forget about until it's time to pull them apart and smother in your favourite sauce, we're here to introduce you to a hidden gem: the Sirloin Pork Roast.

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The Breakfast Burger - Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, Anytime

Posted by Ryan Shannon on

Pork burgers. They seem to confuse a number of people. To clarify, they are like sausages, without the casing, formed into patties - sausage patties, if you will. So, pork burgers, naturally, make for an amazing breakfast burger. Now, for those of you thinking, why would you want a burger for breakfast? The answer is, because burgers are great at any time of day, and there needs to be more opportunities in life to put a fried egg on top of something. Whether its a breakfast for dinner kind of night, a hangover breakfast after a big night out, or just a backyard BBQ brunch with the family, here are a number of different ways to bring burgers to your plate for the most important meal of the day. 

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Bison Sausage Patty Sliders

Posted by Jody Peck on

Everyone loves a good burger, I call bullshit on the person who says they don’t. These sliders are just a slightly smaller version of everything you could ever want in a burger AND you don’t have to feel bloated and sad after eating them because they’re made with top quality meat and not designed to make your jeans not zip. I chose to make sausage patties instead of straight up burgers because it’s more fun to experiment with the flavours and spices we expect in sausages – without actually having to stuff them into sausage casings. I made them into sliders because 1) we all know we...

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Tri-tip Steak

Posted by Julia Smith on

The tri-tip is a very lean cut from the sirloin muscle. Also known as the "poor man's prime rib" it is an excellent marinated & grilled or pan seared. Remember to always cut across the grain with a sharp, straight edged knife. 

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