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Weaner Pigs Deposit

Weaner Pigs Deposit

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We will have finishing quality purebred Red Wattle weaners available this spring. Red Wattles are critically endangered in Canada and we have been working hard to keep this breed going because of the outstanding quality of the meat and the gentle temperament of this breed. Red Wattles are leaner than other heritage breeds and produce an outstanding carcass quality. They finish in 7 months with good animal husbandry and a high quality diet.

We have had excellent success mixing our purebred stock with other heritage breeds. They tend to have litters of 12-14 very uniform piglets that carry that uniformity right through to finishing and produce an excellent, leaner carcass you will be very proud of.  Purebred litters tend to be smaller so if you goal is meat production with better carcass yield, we recommend crossing with other high quality stock.