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Cooking with BC Beer and BC Meat - Chicken Cordon Beer with Beer Cheese Sauce

Posted by Terry Hickey on

Beer is a great marinating liquid base as it does an awesome job imparting its own flavour while also helping the other marinade spices infuse with the meat. It is fun to play around with beer based marinades and to get started, simply pick a beer that you think will match up will with your meal and use it in your favourite marinade recipe. Below, I used a dark lager from Central City Brewing to add dark roasted malt flavours into some chicken breasts and to add more flavour to a basic homemade cheese sauce. Marinade: Prep 2-4 hours in advance...

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The Breakfast Burger - Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, Anytime

Posted by Ryan Shannon on

Pork burgers. They seem to confuse a number of people. To clarify, they are like sausages, without the casing, formed into patties - sausage patties, if you will. So, pork burgers, naturally, make for an amazing breakfast burger. Now, for those of you thinking, why would you want a burger for breakfast? The answer is, because burgers are great at any time of day, and there needs to be more opportunities in life to put a fried egg on top of something. Whether its a breakfast for dinner kind of night, a hangover breakfast after a big night out, or just a backyard BBQ brunch with the family, here are a number of different ways to bring burgers to your plate for the most important meal of the day. 

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