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Urban Digs Goats offer customers Free Christmas Tree Disposal Services

Posted by Julia Smith on

Still have that Christmas tree kicking around? Our goats would be happy to take it off your hands. They'll strip it of all it's needles then we'll chip what's left and use it for filling up the muddy spots on the farm. So bring your tree down to the farm this Saturday between 10-2 and drop it off for free with any purchase from our farm stand. In case you need any more incentive, you'll get to meet Holly, the baby goat and who doesn't want to kick off a new year with a baby goat?

The goats also love carrots, apples, carrot tops, leafy greens... you get the idea and whatever the goats don't want, the chickens and ducks probably do so save up your veggie food scraps this week to feed to your furry and feathered farm friends. We'll have a great selection of pasture-raised and organic meats and other local goodies for you at the farm stand so come and stock up for some wholesome, filling, family meals.


 4992 Byrne Road, Burnaby

When: 10am - 2pm Saturday January 9th

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