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Urban Digs Farm is now Blue Sky Ranch!

Posted by Julia Smith on

Julia on the tractor at Blue Sky Ranch

Julia on the tractor at Blue Sky Ranch

Today is the day! Today we complete our metamorphosis from Urban Digs Farm to Blue Sky Ranch. I've just finished updating the settings for our newsletter, and feeling nostalgic, I took a look back through the 556 newsletters I have sent over the years right back to the very first. I know some of you will probably remember it and get a kick out of it so I've posted a copy of it for posterity.   

Julia & Ludo at the farmers market in 2013

We've come a long way from our urban farm in the past 6 years. So many things have changed but the important things haven't. What started off with Julia and Ludo running an illegal farm out of a back yard has grown into a (quite legal) vertically integrated company that includes a ranch in the Nicola Valley and an artisanal butcher shop in Vancouver where we process all our own meat. We've added some incredible people to the "farmily" who share our core values including both staff, customers and other local farmers and ranchers. We are all working together because we believe that you should feel good about the meat you eat. Farmers and ranchers should feel good about they way they raise it and we should all feel good about eating it. 




So thank you for not just being along for the ride but being an integral part of the work we do. Thank you for reading our blogs and the newsletter, for buying our products and for telling your friends and family about us. Thank you for sticking with us and supporting us through the ups and downs over the years and as we transition from the "little urban farm that could" to Blue Sky Ranch. 

We have a new look and a new name but our roots are strong and we can't wait to share this next chapter with you. 

Julia in a staff meeting at Blue Sky Ranch

Blue Sky Ranch Staff Meeting 

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