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Our First Newsletter from 2011

Posted by Julia Smith on

Following is a copy of the first newsletter we ever sent back on November 11th, 2011. Back then we were running a (totally illegal at the time) urban farm out of a yard on the west side of Vancouver. We've sure come a long way. I've just gotten off the phone with the new health inspector for our butcher shop who needs to me send him the many food safety plans we wrote for the last guy. He would have a heart attack if he read this newsletter. We certainly don't have a secret fridge of goodies tucked away around the side of the house any more. We've come a long way but these are our roots and we remember those days fondly. Many of you have been with us from the very beginning and may even remember this email. We're proud to call you "farmily." 

Hello Everyone and welcome to our first official weekly newsletter! I'm sorry I'm getting it out a little late this week but we were very busy yesterday getting ready for the "Plan BEE" event at the Ridge last night so I've only just finished harvesting and restocking the fridge now.

We've decided to take pre-orders for our world famous (well, neighbourhood famous anyway) beer bread so starting next week, please let us know by Friday at midnight if you would like some beer bread. We're going to bake on Saturday mornings and will send out an email when it is ready to pick up hot from the oven. This week, I'm getting this out so late that I'm going to extend the deadline to Saturday at noon and we'll bake in the afternoon. You can just reply to this email, or there is an order form on the web site:

Please come by this week and visit our "driveway market" located at 5930 Blenheim Street. Follow our front walkway around to the driveway and you'll find a fridge tucked into an alcove next to the house. Inside you'll find all kinds of tasty goodies including our farm fresh free range eggs, fresh produce from our farm, home made soups, preserves and more! We harvested the last of the leeks today so this will be your last chance for fresh leeks this season. They are really beautiful so come and get 'em! The squash, potatoes and beets are in boxes under the overhang to the left of the fridge. This week, we also have hummus made with our own squash and "MakiBars" which are an absolutely delicious snack made by our good friend Maki. For a complete list of what we have available right now, please visit our web site:

This market operates on the honour system. You'll find a price list next to the fridge (I'm going to try to individually price items too) so just add it up and leave your payment in the little brass bucket in the fridge. Please feel free to post your own community events and information on the fridge! The driveway is wet and slippery right now so please watch your step! Have a great weekend everyone!

5930 Blenheim Street
(604) 780-5262

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