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The Mother of all Bacon Blogs

Posted by Julia Smith on

In celebration of International Bacon Day, we're bringing you a collection of our favourite bacon blogs, recipes & products. Please meat responsibly :) Happy Bacon Day! Comment below and share on social media to be entered to win a prize pack containing 3 types of bacon, bacon jam & bacon bits!

Bacon Blogs

Lets All Take a Deep Breath and Eat Some Bacon

Just in time for Halloween, The Lancet published a scary article entitled "Carcinogenicity of consumption of red and processed meat" in which World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced there is "convincing evidence" that the consumption of processed and red meat increases the risk of cancer in humans. Much side taking, told-you-so-ing, panic, media sensationalism and general freak out ensued but as is usually the case with these sorts of things, cooler heads have begun to prevail now that sensible folks have had a chance to look at the facts. 



Bacon Math 101

We sold out of bacon again last week. Ryan & Kiera were freaking out because they weren't going to have bacon for our Saturday markets. Visions of bacon riots were dancing in my head. 

Here's the thing folks: Pigs are only 6% bacon. That means that for every pound of bacon you eat, someone needs to eat 15 pounds of the rest of the animal. So if you're pounding back bacon and not eating anything else, you're just not pulling your weight.


Cooking Better Bacon 

Bacon. It's amazing. You can add it to everything. The worst part about the deliciousness of bacon though, is the cooking process, as it can sometimes end in a big old greasy mess. Totally worth it, but not always much fun to clean up after brunch. The solution? Move the bacon to the oven for the best results every time and no mess.  






The Great "Nitrite Free" Marketing Racket Explained

We get a lot of questions about nitrates and requests for "nitrite free" bacon. There is a lot of fear and misinformation out there where this subject is concerned and it is tempting to just jump on the "nitrite free" marketing bandwagon. But the science just doesn't support it and we've decided to stand by our principles of transparency and consumer education on this one. So without further ado, here are the basic facts and we will leave it to you to make an educated choice:


Bacon Recipes

Green Bean & Bacon Bundles with Hollandaise 

Everything is better with bacon. The same is true with hollandaise. Combine them both? Pure decadence. Serve this alongside some eggs for a delicious breakfast, or pair it with some roast potatoes and salmon for an elegant dinner. You can't go wrong with these bundles at any meal, no matter the time of day.



BBQ season is here, which for me means cracking out the condiments. Nothing makes a burger sing like the right combo of accompaniments. My favourite condiment is surely mayo for it's versatility, but when you're trying to find a good one that uses eggs raised to our standards, you might be hard pressed to find one you're willing to use. Here's the solution... Baconnaise! Mayo is a really simple condiment to whip up at home; and it allows you to use eggs you can feel comfortable eating. What's better still is that half the oil is replaced with bacon fat, making for an incredibly rich and flavourful end result. Try this out, I guarantee you won't go back to store bought mayo again.


Baked Farro with Winter Squash and Bacon

Chefs and home cooks around the world are rediscovering Farro. This ancient grain is very high in protein and is hearty and delicious especially when paired with local veggies and well raised meat, as in this dish which makes a filling & nutritious meal:


Summer Chef's Salad

It's officially too hot to cook, so I've gone back to salads at every meal. But a salad doesn't have to mean that you're not well. Take advantage of all of the vegetables available to you at the peak of summer harvest season with this salad and hold back on the meat. It's still in there, but in a salad it's easy to "eat less, more better" by packing your bowl full of healthy vegetables as well. This salad makes use of flavourful Chimichurri as the dressing which pairs well with the sweetness of the corn and tomatoes; of course any dressing will do.



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