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Smoked Hock Pack

Smoked Hock Pack

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One of our absolute favourite meals is ham & split pea soup. It's also really easy to make. Pick yourself up a bag of dried peas and this pack and you're well on your way!  If pea soup isn't your thing, you'll find loads of other smoked hock recipes online. Included in this pack is:

  • 1 large smoked hock
  • 1 small smoked hock
  • 2 smoked trotters

Here's what I do to make a BIG pot of soup. It freezes really well so I always make a big batch.

First I use the trotters & hocks to make a rich, flavourful broth. You can make this as complicated as you like by adding onions, carrots, herbs, etc but simply simmering the trotters in boiling water will work too. Simmer for at least a couple hours on low.

Strain the trotters & hocks from the broth and set aside to cool.

Add split peas (4-5lbs) to the broth and while they are cooking, remove all the meat from the hocks, cut into smallish pieces and add back to the pot with the broth & peas.

Again, you can get as fancy as you like here. I've added carrots & onions but I often don't add anything more.

Cook until the peas are soft, then blend with an immersion blender until as smooth as you like. Add salt & pepper to taste.

That's it!

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