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Pasture Raised for the Holidays

Posted by Julia Smith on

Make pasture-raised, local meat a part of your holiday traditions. You'll be blown away by the difference in taste and you'll enjoy your meal more knowing that these animals were raised with care & compassion in a way that regenerates the earth. 

Our hams are made from our pasture-raised heritage breed pork which is fed a diet of local oats & barley, fruits and vegetables and whey from Farm House Cheeses. Our pigs are raised at our ranch in Merritt. We do all our own butchery and cure the hams in a delicious brown sugar cure before they go into the smoker to be slowly smoked over cherry wood. 

Our turkeys are also pasture-raised by our friend Joe on 5 acres in Chilliwack and fed a grain based, unmedicated diet free of animal byproducts supplemented by whatever they find in the pasture and fruits & vegetables. We brine the turkeys for 24 hours and you can choose to have your turkey smoked if you wish.

Hams & turkeys can be picked up on December 22nd at our butcher shop in South Vancouver. 

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