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Nicola Valley Here We Come!

Posted by Julia Smith on

It's official! We've just bought 21 beautiful acres in the Nicola Valley. Don't worry, we'll be hanging on to the farm in Burnaby too. We just needed some room to grow and a better climate for raising pigs year round. The new place is located 3 hours from the Burnaby farm just west of Merritt. This is a great location for us as it is close enough to make a trip back and forth every week, has FAR less rainfall but lots of ground water and you can buy 21 acres of land for less than half the price of a condo in Greater Vancouver. 

We have a lot of work to do before we can move the pigs in. The property is off the grid so we'll need to set up solar power and a well. The driveway went in last week and we're hoping to get a dry, warmish stretch so we can get the foundation poured for the barn. The land is perfect for our needs with gently rolling hills with lots of trees, meadows and plentiful water. 

The pigs are going to love it!
We'll be rotating the pigs around the property taking advantage of the shelter of the trees which will provide protection from the sun in the summer and the elements in the winter. Careful pasture management  will ensure that we are building soil and protecting riparian areas. We'll throw a party once we're all set up. Can't wait to show you around!


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