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Pasture and Woodland Raised Pork

Our pork is from a variety of heritage breeds raised in woodlands and on pasture at our Nicola Valley ranch where they can express their unique physiological needs…. for pigs that pretty much means rooting in the ground, wallowing in the mud when they get hot, having a good scratch up against a tree, napping in the shade on a hot day or burrowed deep in a bed of straw on a cold day, playing pig games and generally roaming free. They are raised on a diet of whole, non-gmo, local grains soaked in whey supplemented by high quality food waste including certified organic fruits & vegetables, yoghurt, and spent brewery grains. Our sows are never confined in gestation crates. Not ever. 

Buy Online with Home Delivery

We are thrilled to be able to direct you to the fine folks at Meat Me who are taking care of all our retail sales & distribution. This system is working really well for us and for our customers. MeatMe buys whole pigs from us and cuts them into all your favourite cuts. You can order exactly what you want through their easy to navigate web site and they deliver every week. Super easy and convenient! They also carry a nice selection of other well-raised meats so you can get all your favourite meats raised by farmers like us delivered right to your door.

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Wholesale Sales

Please contact us directly for wholesale enquiries. If you would like to order a side, please click the link below to see our next availability. Your $100 deposit will reserve our next available side.