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Side of Pork (Deposit)

Side of Pork (Deposit)

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Sorry, sold out till fall!

Can't get enough of our pork? Treat yourself to a whole side (half a pig). We can have our butcher cut & wrap for you, or we can ship the whole side to the butcher of your choice.

A side weighs about 40kg (90lbs) and you will end up with about 70lbs to take home including some nice marrow bones for stock, some extra fat for rendering, & organs & "odd bits" like ears, etc. About 53lbs of that will be cuts like chops, ribs, bacon, sausage etc. To learn more about all the options and different cuts of pork, please check out our blog. To learn more about our pork, how we raise it and why we're so proud of it, please click here

"We are devoted consumers of Blue Sky Ranch pork because it is simply the most delicious meat we can possibly put on our table.  We are accomplished cooks and we care about our food.  We demand high quality.  We also choose to eat food that is raised healthily, sustainably, kindly, and locally.  Blue Sky Ranch is an exemplary producer and their product is second to none."   

- Mark Jacobs & Yoo-Mi Lee (read more customer feedback)

A butchered side will fit in a 3 cubic foot freezer. Here is a photo of a side, cut and wrapped & ready for delivery:

Cost & Timing

There are three costs associated with a side of pork:

  1. The cost of the side
  2. Butchery fees
  3. Shipping

We charge $5.50/lb for a side so the side is usually around $495 for a 90b side. The kill fee is $50. Butchery fees* vary depending on what you want done. If you just want basic "cut and wrap" is $1.10/lb so around $100. Vacuum packing is .40/lb. If you want bacon and sausage too, that will be about another $150 (based on 6lbs of bacon and 30lbs of sausage). So for a fully butchered side including the cost of the side and the butcher fees you are looking at between about $645 and $795. 

If you can pick up at our butcher in Kamloops, you won't have any other costs. Delivery rates are currently fluctuating based on changing fuel surcharges being added on by our delivery providers. Please plan on up to $80 for a side. A little more two sides. 

Your $100 deposit (payable here) reserves the next side we have available.  

We will contact you within a few days to get your butchery instructions and will be in touch a few days before your pork is ready for pickup or delivery. The balance is due via email money transfer before your meat ships. We will send you an invoice for the total amount.

*butchery fees are subject to change as they are set by the butcher, not us but we do our best to keep this page up to date. 

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