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Pasture-Raised Dog Food

Pasture-Raised Dog Food

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Buy 3lbs or more and get a FREE bag of smoked dog treats!

A blend of 100% grass fed beef, bison and pastured heritage pork including heart, kidney & liver with 25% organic veggies. Buy in larger quantities to take advantage of our bulk discounts. 

Lots of folks are choosing well-raised meat for their dinner tables but sometimes we forget to apply the same care and concern to where the meat we feed our pets comes from. If you are an animal lover, it only make sense to ensure that the food you feed your pets is not supporting an industry that doesn't share your values. After a year of research and product testing, we are thrilled to be adding dog food to our product list. 

There is more information about feeding raw diets online than you could get through in a lifetime but for us, it's pretty simple. The same principles we apply to raising animals for meat apply here. We raise animals in a way that respects their unique emotional and physiological needs. When it comes to dogs, that means raw meat, bones and a bit of veggies. 

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454g/1lb vacuum sealed packages

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