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Grass-Finished Beef Variety Pack

Grass-Finished Beef Variety Pack

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A nice selection of grass-finished beef. This beef is black angus raised right here in the heart of Nicola Valley cattle country spending most of the year on mountain range and wintering down in the valley.  

    Each pack will be about 35lbs and contain:

    • 1  sirloin tip roast (3lb)
    • 2 sirloin steaks (1.8lb)
    • 1 top sirloin roast (2.4lb)
    • 4 T-bone steaks (3.4lb)
    • 2 rib steaks (2.3lb)
    • 5 packs of stew beef (5.4lb)
    • 10 packs ground beef (10lb)
    • 5 pepperoni (5lb)
    • 3 jerky (1.5lb)

    You can add more ground to your order too.  

    Please understand that these weights are an average. No two packs will be exactly the same as animals do not break down into a perfectly even weight cuts but we guarantee a minimum $600 value.

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