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Bacon-Lovers Box

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Can't decide? Then don't!  Try this variety pack of bacon made up of three different types of our pasture-raised heritage breed pork bacon. 

Belly Bacon - This is the bacon you are used to. Made from the belly, it is extremely popular but only makes up about 6% of the cuts so best enjoyed in moderation :) about 453g

Canadian Back Bacon - Made from the tender, meaty loin section, this is a limited edition item since it is made from the same part of the animal that we cut chops from, so you can't have both.  about 453g

Ground Bacon - We take all the end pieces that won't slice into pretty slices, render them down, and grind them into "bacon bits." Simply fry up to crisp and add to, well, pretty much everything! 1 jar about 226g

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