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Pasture-Raised Heritage Pork

Accepting Orders for Late July delivery Now

Our pork is available to order by the side (half a pig). This is by far your best value compared to buying all the same cuts at regular retail prices. A side weighs about 40kg (90lbs) and you will end up with about 32kg to take home including some nice marrow bones for stock, some extra fat for rendering, & trotters, ears, tails, etc. for soups & stews. About 24kg of that will be prime cuts (chops, tenderloin, ribs, bacon, sausage etc). If you think of this in retail terms, you're basically getting all the prime cuts for the same price you would pay for sausage and the bones, fat, trotters etc for free making this a great value for pork lovers!

About the Pork

Our pork is raised at our own Blue Sky Ranch on pasture and a diet of non-GMO grains, whey from Farmhouse Cheese and fresh fruits & veggies. More info...

Cost & Timing

There are generally three costs associated with a side of pork (sides are also available whole if you want to do your own butchery):

  1. The cost of the side
  2. Kill & butchery fees
  3. Shipping

We charge $4/lb for a side so the side is usually around $360. Kill & butchery fees assuming you get some sausages and bacon made will be around $190. Shipping is about $70. So you can expect to pay around $620 including your butchery, smoking, sausage making and shipping.  Your $100 deposit reserves the next side we have available.  

We butcher at least once a month. We will contact you within a few days to get your butchery instructions and will be in touch a few days before your pork is ready for pickup or delivery. The balance is due once we have the final hanging weight, before your meat ships. We will send you an invoice for the total amount.


We accept cash, cheque and email money transfers. 

Shipping Information

We ship via Clark Freightways refrigerated trucks. Customers in the Lower Mainland can pick up their meat at Clark's Coquitlam location. Merritt/Kamloops customers can pick up directly from the butcher in Kamloops. For all other areas, please contact us for a shipping quote. 

Order Now

To order, simply click the Buy Now button to pay your $100 deposit via credit card or Paypal. Alternatively you can send an email money transfer to (please make the password "blueskyranch") or mail a cheque made out to "Julia Smith" to PO Box 452, Merritt, BC, V1K 1B8. 

Not ready to order right now? Check out our Layaway Installment Plan.