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Pastured pigs at our Nicola Valley Ranch

Urban Digs has come a long way since we raised our first 2 pigs on 3 acres in South Burnaby in 2013. We now have a herd of approximately 130 pigs that we are raising on pasture and in the woodlands in the beautiful Nicola Valley.  


We raise our own pork and source other meat from hard-working, passionate farmers who care as deeply about their animals as we do.  We are committed to bringing you the highest quality meat from local farms that practice sustainable agriculture and ethical animal welfare. Because we buy directly from farmers, we are able to get to know them and ask questions about how they are raising their animals AND we are able to keep more money in the farmers pockets. This is key because the most beautiful sustainable agricultural model in the world isn't really sustainable if it isn't economically sustainable too. We spend time at the farms we source from and work closely with our farmers to ensure that the animals are being raised in a manner that is in line with our values.


Urban Digs Founders, Julia and Ludo raised their first pigs on 3 acres in South Burnaby back in 2013. Pastured-pork really took off now now the have about 10 sows and 2 boars on 21 acres near Merritt. "Bacon Acres" is pig heaven.... rolling, lush meadows, forest with giant ponderosa pines, and a climate better suited to raising pigs. We welcome you to come visit! It makes a great destination for a night or two. Camp at the ranch, visit with the pigs and explore the beautiful surrounding area including a stocked trout lake and many miles of trails.

Lots more info coming soon! We're really busy trying to get the barn finished before winter but you can check out some photos on Facebook.


At Turtle Valley Ranch in Chase they are as passionate about building soil and ranching in a way that regenerates & nurtures the soil as they are about raising beautiful, majestic bison.These hardy beasts produce incredibly delicious, healthy, lean meat and through properly managed grazing, can help to regenerate grasslands, build soil and sequester carbon making them one of the most sustainable livestock too. 

REHOBOTH FARM: beef, eggs

Situated in the heart of Yarrow, Rehoboth Farm is a small, family operated farm specializing in pastured laying hens & beef. Willy Driesen, grew up on her family's dairy farm in Holland where they also had chickens and mini goats.  The family immigrated to Canada in 1982 to start over, and in 2004, Willy's parents Lieuwe and Anne, Willy, her husband John and their children, began working towards their dream to build up a family farm again.  They started with a flock of 20 free range laying hens. Demand for their great tasting eggs grew quickly and in the summer of 2011 they moved to their current 16 acre farm and expanded their operation. 


Joyce & John have been raising premium, quality beef in the majestic open Chilcotin grassland benches along the Fraser River since 1998. Through rotational grazing practices & the natural grazing patterns of their cattle, they have been able to restore natural grassland species & enhance native grass production. In 2008 they were awarded the BC Rangelands Management Award from the Society for Range Management. Their beef is 100% grass fed which means that they never receive any sort of grain crop. 


Bradner Farms raises certified organic chicken in the beautiful Fraser Valley. Their chickens have 3 times as much space in the barn as conventionally raised birds as well as having a large outdoor area where they can do their favourite things like scratching the ground and sunbathing.