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North Langley Neighbourhood Hub

We are happy to announce that we've teamed up with our friends at The Watershed Arts Cafe to offer a North Langley Neighbourhood Hub location where locals can pick up our pasture-raised meats. 

How it Works

Sign up for a 6 month membership, place your order on our web site and select the "North Langley Neighbourhood Hub" as your pickup location. Once a month, we'll bring all the Langley orders out to The Watershed Cafe. Daniel Wintshell is our neighbourhood coordinator for this location and he will be take care of administrating a Facebook group for the hub so members can connect with each other. This will be handy for coordinating pickups for each other, making arrangements to find other members to share larger meat boxes with to maximize savings, and generally connecting with like-minded folks in your neighbourhood who share your interests and values. The possibilities are endless.... For example, we'd love to see a cooking/canning club come out of this group!

Membership Fees

Membership fees are set based on distance and the number of members in the group. For this hub for example, the rates would be:

  • 10 Members - $86.40/each
  • 20 Members - $43.20/each
  • 30 Members - $28.80


Please email Daniel if you are interested in being a member of this hub. He'll be in touch with more info and to invite you to join the hub as soon as we have enough folks interested.