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Neighbourhood Hubs

Neighbourhood Hubs offer delivery service to a convenient hub location in neighbourhoods outside the current Urban Digs delivery zone, to apartment buildings and to corporate offices.

We charge an up front 6-month membership fee which will cover our costs associated with delivery & distribution. The membership fee is split by all hub members so the more members the cheaper the membership! At the end of the 6-month period we will re-assess membership numbers and adjust the membership fee accordingly.

The hub will be organized by a “Hub Host” who volunteers to facilitate a “Hub Facebook Page” and coordinate a central hub location. We will deliver to the hub location and will remain at the hub for 1-hour to distribute orders.

Membership is free for hosts so give us a shout if you are interested in hosting a hub in your neighbourhood. In addition to the free membership, it is a great opportunity to meet some like-minded folks in your area.

If you are interested in becoming a Hub Host, please fill out this form and we'll get back to you soon.

Current Neighbourhood Hubs