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Lululemon Farmily

It's a beautiful thing when visions align so we're thrilled to welcome the Lululemon community to our "farmily." Our shared values of honesty, transparency, authenticity & integrity are the foundation of our relationship and we look forward to growing together and being thought leaders & sustainability leaders in our community.

The Lululemon Farmily program was designed to bring the very best meat, produce and vegetables from BC farms & ranches to the Lululemon head office. We look forward to having you visit our small farm in South Burnaby and hope you can make it out to some of other other farms and ranches too! In addition to the vegetables and meat we raise ourselves, we also work with other, like-minded producers who share our values. All our produce is grown organically and our animal proteins are raised using the highest standards of sustainability and animal welfare. Words like these get thrown around a lot these days and we're looking forward to spending time with you so you can learn more about what they mean to us. 

We offer a range of subscription options including our popular "Beasty Boxes" and "Harvest Box" as well as a la carte options you can add to your subscription from week to week. Any product on our web site is available for weekly delivery to Lululemon and we're always adding new and seasonal products so check in often. 

We'll be delivering right to your office every Thursda afternoon. If you sign up for a recurring subscription, your order will be processed automatically. If you are away or need to pause your subscription, it is easy to skip a delivery. All other orders need to be placed by midnight on Monday for same week delivery. 

In addition to our weekly deliveries, we'll be inviting you to join us for monthly "Lunch & Learns" and for events at the farm throughout the season. There will also be special "LuLu Farmily" offers & specials coming your way regularly!

To sign up for a subscription or to place a weekly order, simply shop our web store, enter your office address as your shipping address and select:

  • "Corporate 1818" as your shipping method for delivery to SSC
  • "Corporate 1380" as your shipping method for delivery to GEC 

Any questions, please contact Ryan at 778-379-5262 or join us on April 22nd on the first floor from 11:30 - 1:00 to "Meet the Farmers!"