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Community Host Program

Do you have more friends & family than freezer space? 

The best value when buying our pork is always going to be to buy a whole animal. But not everyone has room all that meat and it is a significant cash outlay all at once. We're looking for folks to work with us to bridge that gap. 

Here's how it works....

A whole pig divides nicely into 8 shares. A share costs $190. So, you round up some friends & family who want at least 1 share. As soon as you have 8 shares spoken for, we butcher a whole pig, divide it into 8 shares and deliver them to your home or office. You collect the money, coordinate the butchery options for your group, distribute the shares and you get a free share.

Each share will weigh about 15lbs and contain:

  • pork chops
  • shoulder steaks
  • sausages or burgers
  • ground pork
  • bacon 

Sound good? Enter your contact info and any questions you may have below and we'll be in touch soon: