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Farmhouse Soaps

Farmhouse Soaps

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These soaps are hand made with lard from our pasture & woodland-raised pigs. We haven't used a lot of exotic, imported ingredients & essential oils. Our soaps are unscented and we use no artificial colours which is nice for people with sensitive skin. Our soaps aren't fancy but we've produced a really nice, mild, moisturizing soap you can feel good about using. Lard soap doesn't lather as much as more processed soaps but rest assured that it still gets the job done.

Benefits of Lard Soap:

  • Mild & Moisturizing: Lard is structurally more similar to human skin cells than vegetable based oils. This soap is particularly good for sensitive skin. We've had multiple reports of it's healing effects on common skin conditions like eczema.
  • Hard Bar: This bar won't turn to a mushy puddle of goo in your shower although we still recommend that you store it in a relatively dry spot when you're not using it.
  • Earth Friendly & Zero Waste: Instead of using manufacturing synthetic ingredients or harvesting oils from plants grown using questionable methods in vulnerable ecosystems, this soap makes use of a natural byproduct of our pork production.

4oz bars

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