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Canadian Maple Burger Pack

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If you've never tried a pork burger, it's high time you found out what you've been missing. If you have, well, it's no surprise that you're back for more! 

Our pork is so delicious that it doesn't take a lot of fancy seasonings to make a hell of a good burger. We've made these "special edition" burgers to celebrate the upcoming Canada Day weekend so fire up that grill and enjoy some mouth-watering burgers for the long weekend, or any time at all. (pro tip... makes an AWESOME breakfast burger with an egg on top!)

ingredients: pork, maple syrup, salt, pepper

20 burgers, approximately 100g / 1/4lb each

Please note that our minimum order for delivery is $150. If you would like to order less than that, please select "pickup" and I will try to work with you to meet you somewhere along the delivery route

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