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Weaner Pigs Deposit

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Reserve your 2019 Piglets Now 

We have a fairly regular supply of weaner pigs (6 week old piglets) available. Our pigs are raised at our ranch just west of Merritt in the Coquihalla foothills on pasture and woodland where they are free to run and root and frolic and forage. For more about how we raise our animals, please visit our "about us" page.  

About our Piglets

One of our berkshire/tamworth sows, Molly, with her new piglets 

Our pigs are a mix of heritage breeds including berkshire, tamworth and large black. They are born in a large, comfortable stall in the barn and move outside to our "nursery" under large ponderosa pines as soon as possible. At 6 weeks, our piglets have had an iron shot, are wormed, vaccinated and are trained to the electric fence.  We sell piglets from 6-12 weeks of age with a 24 hour health guarantee.

Our nursery space where piglets are trained to the electric fence


The cost for a 6 week old piglet is $150 and we just include the cost of raising them in the price from 6-12 weeks as follows:

# pigs 6 weeks 8 weeks 10 weeks 12 weeks
2-4 $150 $158.60 $174 $189.20
5-9 $142.50 $147.65 $151.10


10+ $135 $140.10 $143.60 $150.10

We require a $15/pig non-refundable deposit to hold your piglets which you can pay here on our web site. The balance is due on pickup or delivery. 

What Our Customers Say

Please contact us for personal referrals but here is what some of our customers are saying about our piglets:

"Buy pigs from Julia + Ludo!!!! So friendly + fun + delicious. We raised + sold 10 last year and every customer was over the moon. Curing done by Brody at Spruce Goose & Chop N Block ... foodists in the big city were falling over themselves."

"We've have some of these weaners. Fast growing and good temperament. Highly recommend!"

"These are great quality piglets - we have some! Can't beat the flavour of heritage breed pork."

Contact Us

Our 2019 piglets are selling quickly so please contact us if you have any questions. We often have some piglets available throughout the year but plan for most of our sales in the spring. We can usually breed to have piglets available for you at any time of year with about 6 months notice.

We look forward to hearing from you!