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Harvest Boxes from Crisp Organics

Posted by Julia Smith on

Urban Digs has come a long way from our first market garden in a back yard in Dunbar in 2011 to our 21 acre ranch in the beautiful Nicola Valley and butcher shop in Vancouver. Along the way, it has been our pleasure to meet and work alongside with like-minded, passionate folks like Andrew, Willy and the whole team at Crisp Organics. So we couldn't be more thrilled to be teaming up officially to bring both organic produce and pasture-raised meats to the tables of conscious consumers like you!

Starting in November, you will be able to pick up both your veggies and your meat at 4 locations every week:

- Our butcher shop at 9247 Shaughnessy Street in South Vancouver
- A neighbourhood hub at Main & 28th in Vancouver 
- Nat Bailey Farmers Market on Saturdays
- Hastings Park Farmers Market on Sundays
- Hoping to add more neighbourhood hubs soon!

Following is some more info from our friends at Crisp Organics.....

Julia & Andrew are pretty excited about this kale!Crisp Organics is a family run farm located in Abbotsford, BC.  We've been farming since 2010 and have known Julia for most of that time. We're a little in awe of all that she's managed to do and have been trying to figure out how to work more closely with her and Urban Digs.  So when she told us that she was looking for a new veggie farm to partner with, we were very excited!  

We've been running our own Harvest Box (CSA) program since our farm started.  We recently expanded it so that it's available all year round, which is something we've been working towards for awhile!  We offer two "Seasons"; the Summer program is 26 weeks long and is just about to wrap up, and our Cool Season will begin November 2nd and run until April 26th.  Starting this Cool Season, we're teaming up with Urban Digs to add their Beasty Shop at 9247 Shaughnessy Street in Vancouver as a drop off location.  Our boxes will be dropped off Wednesday mornings and pick up will be available during store hours (12pm-6pm) Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  Through Urban Digs, we'll also be delivering to select corporate locations & neighbourhood hubs.  Of course, all of our regular pick up locations will be available to anyone who's interested as well - this includes Kitsilano, Mt. Pleasant, Trout Lake, Hastings Sunrise and Lynn Valley.  You can also pick up at both winter farmers markets.

All of our produce is grown using organic practices; our home farm is Certified Organic by the Pacific Agriculture Certification Society and our additional leased land is currently organic transitional.  We grow a diverse variety of produce, from artichokes to zucchini!  In the winter months, you can expect to see carrots, squash, mustard greens, parsnips, kale, leeks, potatoes, celery, beets, collards, brussel sprouts, rhubarb, cabbage, broccoli and more, grown from our farm.  Then we partner with various other farmers to bring you even more diversity.  

The cost for the season is $682.50, which can be paid in one installment or two. For more information, or to sign up, please visit our website

We appreciate you giving us a look.  Happy eating!

Willy Arkesteyn-Vogler and the whole Crisp Organics team

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  • We got the Crisp’s CSA box last year and absolutely loved it! Bonus: an excuse to visit the Nat Bailey Farmers Market every week. We would definitely be getting it this year except that we’re starting up two business’ simultaneously in our home and to survive, we’ve actually made a plan to outsource a lot of our cooking/meals. But I’m sure we’ll still have time to swing by the market!

    Ashley Hildebrand on

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