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Feeding Blue Sky Ranch Dog Food 101

Posted by Julia Smith on

Lots of folks are choosing well-raised meat for their dinner tables but sometimes we forget to apply the same care and concern to where the meat we feed our pets comes from. If you are an animal lover, it only make sense to ensure that the food you feed your pets is not supporting an industry that doesn't share your values. After a year of research and product testing, we are thrilled to be adding dog food to our product list. 

There is more information about feeding raw diets online than you could get through in a lifetime but for us, it's pretty simple. The same principles we apply to raising animals for meat apply here. We raise animals in a way that respects their unique emotional and physiological needs. When it comes to dogs, that means raw meat, bones and a bit of veggies. 

Meet Our Product Testing Team

Our two farm dogs, Tempie & Piper, and Dexter the farm cat acted as product tasters/testers for the past year and we are happy to report that the results were 12 paws up. Tempie is a 65lb boxer/pitbull cross with severe allergies. Piper is a very active 8lb rat terrier. They are both absolutely thriving on this food. Tempie was diagnosed by the vet with allergies to "meat and gluten." Turns out she isn't actually allergic to meat... just bad meat. Remember, you are what you eat AND what what you eat eats. 

While our farm cat also eats this food and is doing great on it, we do not recommend it for most cats as it is formulated for dogs and does not contain enough organ meat for cats. If your cat is a hunter, it is a great supplement to their hunting diet but it is not for house cats. 

One of our "farmily" members has also been feeding our food to her dogs for the past year. She reports:

"I have two miniature schnauzer mixes one is 6 the other 12. The younger one is prone to bladder stones. After she had surgery to remove them she was on a prescription food and as both dogs ate from the same bowl. I fed it to both of them.... until I read the ingredients. I could not in good conscience continue to feed it to either of them. I did some research of my own and that coupled with the fact that my dogs stones returned in less than a year (while on the prescription food) i figured I would not make the situation worse by making my own food. At that time I started buying pet food from Urban Digs. It turns out there are many types of bladder stones dogs get and what helps most is getting water in them. You know what doesn't have enough water in it?....kibble! Now every meal is a giant treat for my dogs..I swear they gobble it up while they look at me like i must have dropped it in their bowls by accident! My vet marveled at how healthy my 12yr old dog is and the younger one has had negative urine tests ever since we got rid of the last batch of stones last year. Being such a "foodie" myself, it only feels right to feed my dogs high quality, ethically raised meat too. I thought i couldn't afford it, but the price is not much higher than quality commercial dog food and it's less than the prescription food. Spend less on clothes for your dogs and more on their food... they have coats!"

What's in Raw Dog Food?

Our dog food contains a blend of pasture-raised pork, beef and bison meat and organs and 25% organic vegetables.That's it. No fillers/additives/chemicals. We process our dog food in the same way and to the same standards that we process our human food. You can eat this yourself. In fact, it's actually healthier than a pack of ground meat because it contains more nutrient dense organ meat and vegetables too! 

Benefits of Raw

For over a year, our own dogs have been enjoying raw food from our butcher shop. Even our dog with severe allergies is thriving on this food. Since switching our dogs to this raw food, we have observed:

  • shinier coats
  • healthier skin
  • cleaner teeth
  • smaller stools
  • more relaxed disposition
  • no allergic symptoms


Transitioning to Raw

We recommend making a slow, steady transition from your existing food to this food. Start by substituting 1/4 of their regular food for raw and work up to 100% over 1-2 weeks. Dogs with digestive issues or gastrointestinal disorders may require a slower transition. Some dogs may turn their noses up at it at first because they simply aren't used to it but I can promise you that no dog will ever starve to death in a room with raw food in it. Stick with it. Your dog will thank you. 

How Much to Feed

How much to feed your dog will depend on a number of factors including your dog's size, age, and activity level. Use the following table as a guideline and adjust to your dog's individual needs.

 Weight of Dog (kg) Amount to feed per day (g)
2-9 115-225
9-18 225-455
18-27 455-565
27-45 565-755
45+kg add 10g for every kg over 45kg


Safe Handling

Our raw dog food comes vacuum sealed in 454g packages. Simply remove from the freezer and put in the fridge the day before and it will be thawed and ready to feed. If it will take you more than 3 days to get through one package, return whatever you won't use in that period to the freezer. Use the same safe handling procedures for handling raw dog food as you do when handling any raw meat including washing hands and work surfaces after handling raw meat. 

Buy Raw Dog Food Now

Getting your dog started on a sustainable, healthy diet is easy! Our raw dog food is available online and at our butcher shop. You can even sign up for a subscription and have the exact amount you need delivered to your home or ready for pickup at the butcher shop or at our regular farmers markets. 

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