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Bring on the Bison

Posted by Julia Smith on

We've teamed up with Turtle Valley Bison Ranch to bring beautiful BC bison from the ranch to your table. It's hard not to be awed by these majestic animals but they are so much more than a pretty face. These hardy beasts produce incredibly delicious, healthy, lean meat and through properly managed grazing, can help to regenerate grasslands, build soil and sequester carbon making them one of the most sustainable livestock too. 

Watch this short video for an introduction to Turtle Valley Bison and our friends Rudi and Laine, who are stewarding their land and raising their animals to the same high standards you've come to expect from Urban Digs:

Bison Bits:

  • Farm-raised bison are still considered wild animals
  • Bison look like lumbering giants, but can actually run up to 65 kms per-hour and jump two vertical metres
  • At one time there were only a few hundred bison remaining on the planet — without bison ranching, they would probably be extinct
  • Today there is about 500,000 bison in North America, still only a fraction of what used to roam here 
  • There are two species of bison in North America — Plains and Woods
  • There is no genetic link between the African Water Buffalo and the North American "Buffalo"
  • Bison meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, significantly higher in iron than other red meats and is considered to have the most desirable omega fat ratios in any meat product
  • Bison are better adapted to the environment than other livestock — in winter these hearty animals use loose snow as a water source
  • Bison require less feed than cattle because of slower metabolic demands
  • They are highly disease resistant, with minimal veterinary intervention required (this is because there are no hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified breeding practices used in raising bison)
  • Their grazing behaviour actually enhances range health, fertilizes soil and enhances biodiversity 
  • Greater longevity – bison can have at least five more calves than beef cattle

We've Got Bison!

We've just butchered 2 whole bison and are rolling out our new bison line which will include a full range of products including steaks, ground, sausages & burgers. Our first sausage is "Cherry Lemon-Thyme Bison Sausage" which was a huge hit at the markets last weekend. We'll have more for you this weekend!  Have a look in our web store for our new "Bison Beasty Box." Lots more coming soon!

Join us at the Ranch!

We'd love to have you up at the ranch on June 4th to kick off summer with a "Bison Bash!" Meet Rudi & Laine, learn more about bison ranching, the nutritional benefits of bison, and pick up some cooking tips with Chef Chris Whittaker who will also be preparing a feast for us!  More info...

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