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Bison Calves at Turtle Valley Ranch

Posted by Julia Smith on

Spring is here! The rangeland at Turtle Valley Ranch is greening up and the cows are starting to drop calves. Ranchers Rudi and Laine are being kept very busy this time of year! Along with the usual spring calving, they just expanded their herd with the addition of almost 100 more cows. 

The gestation period for bison is the same as for cattle but while cattle often have their first calf at two years of age, bison generally don't have a calf until they reach three years of age. Males reach sexual maturity between one and two years of age but will not become dominant active breeders in the herd until they are at least four years old. Domesticated bison have retained far more of their natural instincts than cattle and their breeding cycles tend to follow patterns in nature. Calves tend to be born in May and June with breeding season running from May through August. Bison calves weigh 40-50lbs when they are born and will be up and running along with their mother within a few hours. 

To learn more about bison and see the new calves, please join us on June 4th for a day at the ranch! In the meantime, here are some photos to enjoy:

Bison cow & calf

Bison herd with calves

Bison herd with calves

Bison herd with calves

Bison herd with calves


Rudi Schiebel, Bison Rancher


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  • They’re adorable! I think it’s awesome that Urban Digs is expanding their collaborations. I’ve been wondering the past few weeks, who I could obtain bison from. :)

    Angela Esplin on

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